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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A little Blessing from God!!

I took Grandma shopping today at Target. And as we were checking out this little boy and his younger sister stopped my grandma. The little boy said to Grandma that his sister wants to tell her that she loves her. The little girl was standing there looking up at her... and she said to Grandma "I love you." Her mom was standing right there... and I said to her that that was the cutest thing. Her Mother began to tell me that her daughter saw Grandma and she would not go anywhere until she talked to Grandma. She told her mom that she thought Grandma was beautiful and she NEEDED to tell her. Can I just say that kids are a blessing!! Grandma was so touched that this little girl loved her... she had a smile on her face for hours.
So I have this note to ALL parents... if your child ever feels the need to tell someone they don't know that they love them or that they are beautiful or just any compliment... let them. You may not know who's prayers are being answered. I don't know this mom that let her daughter follow her heart, but I am truly grateful to see my grandma so happy! I thank my Heavenly Father for answering my prayers to make sure my grandma knows that she is loved!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November Time!!!!

OK... so it has NOT been an ENTIRE month since I last blogged... so I kept my word... hahahaha!!!!

Where to begin... let's start off with the Twilight premiere... We had a big group show up for the midnight showing!! Thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed a little Edward time with me!!! It was totally fun!!!!!!!! I thought they did a good job with the movie... of course it was not as good as the book... but it was still good enough for me... I saw it twice in less then 12 hours... hahaha!!!! I can't wait for the second movie!! I'm sure you all heard the 2nd movie was approved to film!! Wahoo!!!!!!!! My sisters and I wore handmade t-shirts... Brianne's said: What do you mean Edward isn't real??? Tara's said: Edward, please BITE me!! and mine said: Christmas wish list: 1. Move to Forks 2. Meet Edward 3. Become a Vampire!! hahaha!! I thought they were great!!! Michelle and I had a blast at the theater... we went around taking crazy pictures of ourselves... if you want to see those you'll have to go to Facebook and check them out :)

The next item of topic is... Breba and Josh!! Did you all here that they are totally an item??? Yep... they got together at Bruce and Emily's reception!! Look how cute they are together!!! I think it's Breba's new super cute haircut that made Josh go wild!!!!
Oh wait... I forgot something IMPORTANT!! If Ashley Perkins (aka...Big Ash) ever says she wants to cut your hair... RUN!!!!! Don't EVER let her come near you with scissors!!!!!! Tell her "Ashley, everything is going to be OK... I'm going to a hairdresser that has a license!!" If you don't tell her... or you don't RUN... then this might happen to you!! You might have to go ask Taylor or any other guy to FIX your hair!! Yes everyone... Breba had to get Taylor to fix the mess that Big Ash created!! haha!! Does everyone see how much Ash cut off Breba's head... it's like 3 1/2 to 4 inches shorter... it was only suppose to be a trim of maybe an inch at most.... hahahahahaha!!! Luckily Breba has a good friend that does hair here... and her hair looks fantastic. So lesson learned... DON'T LET BIG ASH COME NEAR YOU WITH SCISSORS!!!

OK... now we're up to Thanksgiving day/ weekend... so one of my main goals for this year was to participate in a 5k run/walk!! I DID IT!! Yeah!!!! I may have not been the fastest person... but I am so happy that I finally did it!! Two of my sisters did it with me... Tara and Brianne! Thanks guys!! Next year Erin and my Mom will participate with us!!!!

After our 5k we went over to the Larsen's home for Thanksgiving dinner!! Thanks for having us!! It was yummy!!!

So the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) I went shooting with some friends!! Boyd, Spencer, Taylor, Josh, Breba (I was so nervous she wasn't going to come... you know because of Black Friday...), Keith and Natalie!! It was really fun!! I was so proud of myself... the first two clay pigeons I totally hit them!! As Boyd puts it... own the gun Krista... hahaha!! I was pretty happy!! I also LOVE Breba's NEW pink gun!! Super fun to shoot!! Breba brought another computer screen and shot that up!! I would have to say she did quite the job!! That was so fun!!

That night we went to the see the temple lights and went to Organ Stop Pizza!!! If you have never gone to Organ Stop Pizza you NEED to make this a new tradition with your family or friends!! It's a ton of fun!!!!!

So after Organ Stop Pizza we went back to Dan's place and had a ping pong tournament... let's just say that I wasn't too thrilled with this... How come I HAD to play... but Ashley got out of this one???? Well, luckily my partner Josh gave me some lessons on how to play the game. I STILL SUCKED!! HAHAHA!!

And then we went to a party on Saturday night and Spencer thought he was going to freak out Ashley by putting his arm around her... but instead she did the opposite thing of freak out and put her hand on his inner thigh... hahaha!! Don't they just look like the pair!! hehe!!

Well I hope this satisfies any cravings for Krista time... hehe!! Until next time...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I want to get a BIG group together to go see Twilight for the midnight showing!! If you want to come let me know!! Buy your tickets at the Harkins at Norterra for the 12:01 showing on November 21st and we'll meet down there at 10:30pm!!! It's right off of Happy Valley and I-17!! Make sure to tell your friends too!! Also, I'm going to have a contest for the best shirt made specifically for this event!! So get creating!! This is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

So MUCH to tell YOU!!!

So as EVERYONE knows I haven't updated my blog in like a month! Sorry to all of those that depend on me to fill you on my oh so fab life... hahaha!!! So this is some of the things I did in the past month...
Went to the Arizona State Fair!! Woop! Woop! We actually went to the DEMOLITION DERBY and dressed up trailer trash! hehe!! ( I was told I was NOT dressed up trailer trash enough... I was showin' the bra strap! That's as "trashy" as I get!) So I have decided that the state fair has the BEST corn dogs! Yum Yum! And they are NOT healthy what so ever!!!

Here is part of the gang that came with us!! We had a blast watchin' the cars crash into each other!!
These girls were so tired!! They just wanted to sit back watch something on the tube because their backs were killin' them!! I guess that's what you get when you don't even know who the baby daddy is...

Oh WAIT!! Breba may have found her baby daddy!!

Another thing we all did was pumpkin carving at FHE!! I just had to take a picture of this because it shows Ashley at her best... smelling stuff!!

Everyone did so good on their pumpkins!! LOVE IT!! And the best part is that we get to keep ALL of the pumpkins for one of our NEXT activities!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! So I just have to say that I have the cutest bunch of nieces and nephews!! And yes... I am a teletubbie!! hehehe!!

All the teletubbies together with the professional skier!! hehehe!! Oh... Oh... Oh...

Peace out!!!

Are we not the cutest teletubbies?? Oh ya... don't let Breba's face scare you... she was road kill before we went to this party!!

So this is one of the funnest events!! We went shootin'... and this is what all those pumpkins were saved for! Breba and Taylor did a great job with those clay discs!! Sweet shot!!

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture??? Breba's brand new gun got jammed so Taylor, Boyd and Breba had to take apart the gun to fix it!!

Yep that would be me... getting my lesson on how to "own" the gun from Boyd!! Um... ya... that was extremely fun and I have decided I am going to take lessons and learn the mechanics of guns and become licensed!! Woop! Woop! Does anyone want to take lessons with me???

And this would be the mastermind of this event... Breba!!! LOVE the shirt Breba!!

And the last thing I did was go get my hair done with my AWESOME hair dresser Erin yesterday!! Woop!! Woop!! After she was done with my hair we went to the mall... and I'm so sad that I couldn't buy this outfit... but I'm sure it will find a loving home in the near future!!

Knock... Knock...

We love little places you can pose behind!! Thank you mall play centers!!

Well... I hope this did it for you! I hope that you enjoy a few of the pictures and maybe laughed along the way!! I'll see you in another month... J/K!! I'll try to be better!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jenny & Mitch's Wedding!!

My friend Jenny got married this last Friday and we had a blast celebrating!! We went down to the temple and and saw them come out of the temple... it was such a neat thing to see!! They were on cloud 9!!

So here we are... the bridesmaids!! Nicki, Sarah, Me and Celena

Wahoo!! They did it!! They got hitched!!

So we didn't know about the luncheon... oops!! So we went to Cafe Rio!! Yum Yum!!!
After lunch Tara did my hair and make up for the reception!! Woop Woop!! Thanks TK!! You rock my world!! And of course we HAD to do a little modeling shoot!! hehe!
Ava is so freaking cute!! Of course I say that EVERY TIME I have a picture of her!! Look at those eyes!!!!!
Ok... Phil is the man!! He was such a good sport letting us take a bunch of pictures... he did everything we told him to do!! I LOVE it when guys listen to me!! :) PHIL... YOU ROCK!! Also, don't you think our shoes are sexy???? Seriously, they killed my ankles... but I still think they were HOT!!!

All the bridesmaids and Phil did this shot... hehe!! You'll have to get on Facebook to see those pictures!!
Of course we did bridesmaid pictures while the couple did there photoshoot!! hehe!!
Ok... I was a little excited about sitting at a table for the wedding party... never done that before! So of course I HAD to get a picture!! hehe!!

My Pop's did an awesome job with the ring ceremony!!!! Although... you should have seen the bridesmaids sinking into the ground with our heels on... it was kinda funny!What can I say... I was exhausted from the day!! So I decided to go to sleep on the patio with my sexy shoes and bouquet!!
Congrats Jenny and Mitch!! I love you both!!


So many of you have heard that Breba brought a friend to basketball one night... well come and meet her yourself... hahaha!!

Breba, you crack me up... because you had this life size poster of Reba under your bed basically your WHOLE life!!

OH NO!!! Someone (my dad and fred) left a ransom note!! They hid Reba in my dad's office at the church... and let me just say it was a pain to FREE REBA!!!