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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best 27th Birthday a Girl Could Ask For!!!!

It's time to PARTY!!!
I turned 27 today and I feel GREAT!!!! I started my day off with breakfast in bed!! What more can a girl ask for than to be serenaded by her family and brought pancakes in the shape of 27??? My sister took pictures of that... but really I don't think you want to see those pictures... I'm kinda scary lookin' in the morning! hehe!

After breakfast we all got ready and went to Silverstrand Beach!!! It was really nice... well, the beach isn't that clean... but it's quiet and the waves are nice! We had a blast!
Some of the Highlights of today were:
We met our friend Katie and her family at the beach.
It was fun laying out and talking
Playing with Ava Bean... Dang she's CUTE!!!
Dax falling asleep on me!! LOVE THAT!!! He's so snuggly!!
Watching T.K. and Katie ride in on the waves!! Good Job girls!!
Watching the kids play... SO SO SO CUTE!!
Dinner with the family at Old Town Mexican Cafe!! Yum! Yum!
(but I will say that the service SUCKED!!! We waited 40 minutes at the table before our server even came over to take our order... REALLY!! WHATEVER!!!)
Giving Ava her bottle... it's good snuggle time!!!Going to Ghirardelli for a BROWNIE HOT FUDGE SUNDAE!!! May all my wishes come true...
Giving Gracie what she wants... hehe!!
Basically, I had a GREAT day... I could NOT ask for one single thing to change!! Thanks everyone for making it great with all your birthday wishes! I really could not ask for any better friends and family then what I already have!! Love you all and can't wait to share my 27th year with you!!