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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jenny & Mitch's Wedding!!

My friend Jenny got married this last Friday and we had a blast celebrating!! We went down to the temple and and saw them come out of the temple... it was such a neat thing to see!! They were on cloud 9!!

So here we are... the bridesmaids!! Nicki, Sarah, Me and Celena

Wahoo!! They did it!! They got hitched!!

So we didn't know about the luncheon... oops!! So we went to Cafe Rio!! Yum Yum!!!
After lunch Tara did my hair and make up for the reception!! Woop Woop!! Thanks TK!! You rock my world!! And of course we HAD to do a little modeling shoot!! hehe!
Ava is so freaking cute!! Of course I say that EVERY TIME I have a picture of her!! Look at those eyes!!!!!
Ok... Phil is the man!! He was such a good sport letting us take a bunch of pictures... he did everything we told him to do!! I LOVE it when guys listen to me!! :) PHIL... YOU ROCK!! Also, don't you think our shoes are sexy???? Seriously, they killed my ankles... but I still think they were HOT!!!

All the bridesmaids and Phil did this shot... hehe!! You'll have to get on Facebook to see those pictures!!
Of course we did bridesmaid pictures while the couple did there photoshoot!! hehe!!
Ok... I was a little excited about sitting at a table for the wedding party... never done that before! So of course I HAD to get a picture!! hehe!!

My Pop's did an awesome job with the ring ceremony!!!! Although... you should have seen the bridesmaids sinking into the ground with our heels on... it was kinda funny!What can I say... I was exhausted from the day!! So I decided to go to sleep on the patio with my sexy shoes and bouquet!!
Congrats Jenny and Mitch!! I love you both!!


So many of you have heard that Breba brought a friend to basketball one night... well come and meet her yourself... hahaha!!

Breba, you crack me up... because you had this life size poster of Reba under your bed basically your WHOLE life!!

OH NO!!! Someone (my dad and fred) left a ransom note!! They hid Reba in my dad's office at the church... and let me just say it was a pain to FREE REBA!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I ALWAYS love a good Bachelorette Party!!

It's Jen Rabbits turn!! She's gettin' hitched next FRIDAY!!! Woop!! Woop!! We had so much fun hanging out and playing games and making Jenny turn bright RED as she opened her scandalous lingerie!!

We LOVE a GOOD drink!! hehe!!!

Kissing Contest!!! Dang it!!! I didn't win?!?!?!!! I was RUNNER UP... what's up with that????
But don't worry... Big Ash did NOT win either... hahahaha!! Ash... you don't have to ATTACK the paper!!!
You know you LOVE it Jenny... or at least someone will... hehe!!

Jenny got a LOT of goodies... my favorite was from me and Big Ash... a pregnancy test!! hehe!! One of our games was a PIE EATING contest... haha!! This was seriously so FUNNY to watch!!

Jenny with all her bridesmaids!! Woop! Woop! We're going to miss hanging out with you girl!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life is GRAND!!!!!

Life is GRAND!!! These past couple of weeks have been GREAT!! I've done a few things that have been so fun, so I thought I would share it with my friends!!

I went to the DIAMONDBACKS game with some friends (Big Ash, Spencer and Kristi)! It was fun to be able to go to a baseball game right in the middle of the day! And the best part of that was that I could find 3 other people to go with me!! I would just like to give a shout out to Heather for the tickets!! Thanks Heather!!! It was super fun!!

VOTE YES ON 102!! This was fun!! Shelly had Big Ash and I meet her to help set up signs for Prop 102 and we did it!! We were so proud of ourselves for being able to put the poles in the ground and put up the sign! We pretty much ROCK if you didn't know yet...
So I would like to THANK ASHLEY for being a FREAKING AWESOME FRIEND!! She won us 2 sets of GAVIN DEGRAW tickets from 104.7!! Can I just say I was a "little" excited!!!


I LOVE going to the movies with my GRANDMA!! She is such a cute lady and we giggle together ALL the time!! We saw the movie "The Women" and it pretty much SUCKED!!!! It was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I would NOT recommend it to anyone!!!

Wendy and I at her B-day party!!! Wahoo Wendy!! You made it to "adulthood"!!!!!!! Whatever that means...

Love the artwork Wendy and Cali!! I LOVE a good statue of a pineapple man!!

And NOW the moment YOU have ALL been waiting for... GAVIN DEGRAW!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE you GAVIN!!!!! This was such an AWESOME concert!! We were so close as you can tell!! I mean... I could see his cute little dimples... hence the NEXT photo!!

I mean how can you resist???? I sure as heck cannot!!! LOVE YOU GAVIN!!

So yes... I met Gavin for the THIRD time!! What can I say... he loves me...hehe!! There is another picture I want to show you guys, but my dear friend Vanie hasn't sent them to me yet... JUST WAIT!!!!!! Isn't Gavin SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!! (and that wasn't a question... it was a statement!!) And this was the next morning!! My family KNOWS NOT to wake me up!! I'm not the most pleasent person to be around if you wake ME up!! But now that there are babies in the family they know the ONLY way to wake me up without me getting upset... and that is to put one of them in my arms and have me wake up to their lovely faces!! I mean how can you be upset when someone as CUTE as this is right there looking up at you???? I LOVE AVA!!

SERIOUSLY... AVA is so cute!!! She woke me up with a BIG smile!!!

This was AWESOME!! Shelly was NICE and took Big Ash and I to the Pro Sand Volleyball tournament! Lets just say it was so FUN!! Watching HOT guys play volleyball for a few hours... LOVE IT!!

It was SUPER HOT outside!! So we had to go to the COOLING ZONE!! We liked that!!! Thanks Shelly!!!

I Went to an 80's PARTY at Vanie's place!!! Wahoo!! I love the 80's!!!
Vanie you're so cute!!!!!! LOVE THE OUTFIT!!!!!