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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The BIG Apple!!

“What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do - especially in other people’s minds. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.” -William Least Heat Moon

A lot of you know that I LOVE to travel!! Really, that's pretty much all I think about when I'm home... where will the road take me next??? If I could have any career that would involve me traveling and exploring the WORLD I would so be on that!! So anyways... this NYC trip all began because my dear friend Bailey and I were talking at church about how we wanted to go to the BIG APPLE! So we both recruited some BFF's and planned and AMAZINGLY fun trip before they started school! I actually feel so honored they wanted to hangout with me and go see a place I ABSOLUTELY love!!
We went to the temple and did a session one morning. It was seriously so nice and peaceful.
While we were waiting for Marci to finish with her session we three girls went for lunch and got pedicures!! We went and tried to get tickets for Wicked... but NOPE we didn't get any... TOTALLY SOLD OUT THE ENTIRE WEEK!! That sucked super bad!! I feel bad the girls didn't see a show while we were there!! NEXT TIME GIRLS!!! One of the nastiest Chinese food dinners I've ever had... I had tofu dinner... but it was like really jelly!! I don't like that! I was trying to convince myself it was yummy... but in actuality it was DISGUSTING!!! Marci did a LOT of shopping! Hence the black card... haha!! (Bailey and Davia did as well... I thought I liked to shop.. haha!! I think these girls could out shop me ANY day!!)We took a bus tour the next day that was super fun! It took us to all the major sites and it was well worth the money that was spent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! It's kind of funny... Davia and I kept on taking pictures together... and I love this one! Kissin' the Bull!! This was a memorial in the American Express Building for the workers that lost there lives on September 11th. If you get a chance to go to NY please take the time to go to the World Trade Center Memorial Building and take the tour they offer. It was very interesting and the people that take you on the tours are people that were affected by the tragedy that day... either they worked there, had a family member that died that day, or they worked near by or even helped with the relief efforts. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE go the next time you're there! You won't regret it! On our bus tour... on the lower deck. It started to rain...We had a full day and were exhausted so we went and had dinner at Red Lobster! YUMMY!! And I would like to THANK Red Lobster for HAVING DR. PEPPER there!!! You would not believe how difficult it was to find Dr. Pepper in NY!! Bless them!!!! Yep... SCARY!!!! Bailey, always knows what to do to freak me out!Oh... Bailey and Davia have NO "bubble"!!! They are seriously the closest girls... although it does make me laugh!!! So we made a road trip up to Palmyra, NY and went to the church sites there. We first stopped at the Visitors Center and watched the Joseph Smith movie and then made our way to the Palmyra Temple! Which is GORGEOUS!! And then we made it to the Smith home and took a tour there and walked through the Sacred Grove!! Beautiful (but TONS of mosquito's... I looked like a freakin' monster coming out of the Grove... I had little red dots all over my face!!!) it was well worth the walk!!! After our walk we went up to the Hill Cumorah! Beautiful view!! Oh my goodness!! Look how close I was to Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight and the rest of the gang of Dunder Mifflen Paper Company!! Oh how I love that show!!! Just had to show you... really??? They are the biggest snugglers I have EVER seen!!! So I left the girls a day early and went on my way to my next adventure... NC!! This is what I was trapped in!! My flight was canceled and I was stuck... but LUCKILY I was saved and got onto another flight that night!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!
Also, I have to thank Bailey, Davia, Marci, and Sam for making this a SENSATIONAL trip to the BIG APPLE!!! I had so much fun and can't wait to travel with you again!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So after I came home from my trip to San Diego some of my
friends got together and went out to dinner for my BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks you guys!! I couldn't ask for better way to celebrate!!!
My dear friend Liz came into town and we went to brunch with Meghan dear!!! LOVE THESE GIRLS!! Only wish Amber could have made it... NEXT TIME!!! I met JJ (Jake Jr.) for the first time at Ginny's baby shower and let me say... HE'S ADORABLE!! GOOD WORK AMANDA!! Then I met Carter King!! PRECIOUS!! Seriously... you just want to eat those cheeks!! hehe!Ashley, blowing a little china glitter on the new mommy!! And DRUM ROLL PLEASE... presenting Parker McKay Larsen!!! I'm an AUNTIE for the 7th time!! Wahoo!! CONGRATS Erin and Steve!! HE'S SUCH A CUTIE PIE!!I would have to say this was a very fun few weeks!!


So many of you know I went to San Diego this SUMMER with my family and of course had the time of my life! But it's not like I would expect anything different... I'm with my family! I love that my family is so fun to be around... we're LOUD and we KNOW how to PARTY HARD!!!
We were at the beach 30 minutes after I arrived in San Diego!! LOVE IT!! Ava is getting so big! She took her first step in S.D. (which I missed :( boo hoo!!) and she was even taking surfing lessons... WOW!! She's getting WAY to big! Stay SMALL!! One of my BFF's Liz and her family (Trevor and Benny Boy) came and visited me in S.D. for the day! We went to the beach, laughed a LOT, caught up on life and then went to dinner with the fam!! THANK YOU LIZ!! I'm so HAPPY you came and hung out!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! Give Benny a hug from Auntie Krista!! Don't you LOVE Benny's hair-do?!?!?!?! So cute! My niece Gracie loved him too!! He totally fell asleep on her! So cute!T.K. showing her boys how to eat crab... OK everyone... are you ready??? I did a 5-K on Coronado Island with my sister, Katie and her sister this year for the 4th of July!! It was seriously soooooooooo FUN!! I can't wait until next year! I think you should all come and do it with us next year!! I have to admit... this was probably one of the best things about the trip! I don't usually like getting up so early... but it was well worth it. Waking up and going for an early morning run on the bay... so WORTH it! My sexy sister T.K.Ava Bean was plum tired after a full day of Independence Day events... Colton makes me laugh... this was after the bike parade Logan with his head gear on... :)We went and saw a movie on the 4th too... (I may have fallen asleep for some of it...:)The park had dinner and music for all the guest! So fun!I danced the night away with Miss. Gracie!And then we watched the fireworks pool side... seriously... can it get any better than that??? I think not!It was really cool... we went to church in S.D. and the meeting was SOOOO GOOD!! And then we went to Balboa Park with the fam! The kids had fun trying all the treats they had to sample and playing in the park like monkeys... you'll see that in a second. If go to S.D. take your family here. It's super nice and relaxing!Man I wish I was a kid sometimes. You get to play in a tent on the beach... doesn't that look like fun? And then... my last day in S.D. I celebrated my 27th birthday.... if you're curious about that read my post from that day! Thanks for a great trip!!