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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So my BFF Katie, had the season premiere party of "THE HILLS" at her house!! This was exciting for all!! Katie made pizzookies that LOOKED sooooooo YUMMY!!! What a good hostess!!!
Julia helped her by putting the ice cream on top... I'm happy I got ONE picture of her SMILING!!
The other... NOT SO MUCH.
This was right after BREBA'S panic ATTACK!!! She wasn't going to postpone the party! Thanks Breba for not ruining that part! :)
And this is the entire gang... well... minus me. :) I HEART "THE HILLS!" CAN'T WAIT FOR "THE VALLEY!"

Two of April's MOST interesting moments...

One of the most interesting moments was my MOM! My mom fell off a MOVING golf cart. That's right MOVING!! My DAD thought she was on... but nope she was NOT!!! Anyways, she fell and hit her head and her head was HURTING a LOT!! Go figure. So I took her to the emergency room and my dad met us there and she had some test done. She's FINE now... no permanent damage. Just a bruised head. Just HAD to post this photo though!! hahahahaha!!
"Free Bird" hahahaha!! (no one will get that comment but my momma!!)
So the next FREAKY moment was BREBA... she had a MAJOR panic ATTACK!! I've NEVER seen anything like it... but you'll need to read her blog to find out what happened exactly. Actually, I think Breba AND Tara should write down there sides of the story!! I just wanted to post this picture because it makes me laugh too!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Logan's 12th Birthday

I can't believe that Logan is 12!! Where did the time go??? Honestly, I remember getting the call while I was at school and rushing down to Thunderbird to see my new little nephew. He was and still is ADORABLE!! I AM SO BLESSED to have him as a nephew! He's such a HARD worker and he really does LOVE everyone around him. I could just snuggle that "kid"!!!

So we had a family dinner that was super YUMMY!! I made a lemon cake for Logan's special BIRTHDAY!! I am actually really proud of this lemon cake!! I am told that it's one of the BEST LEMON CAKES that my Dad and Brother-in-law have EVER had! Well, that makes me feel good! I wish I would have tried it... oh well... NEXT TIME!
So with Logan turning 12 I got to see my him receive the Aaronic Priesthood. This was a wonderful experience for me! I've never seen this before... because I have ALL SISTERS. So anyways my brother-in-law Aaron gave Logan the sweetest blessing. I'm so happy for Logan and the choices he has made in his life to receive this great calling. I know he will magnify his duties and continue to be such a blessing to his family and friends!

Logan, I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! I am thankful that I'm ALLOWED to be your aunt!! Love you to the moon and back! XOXO!!

Pioneer Trek

As a lot of you know the singles branch R.S. went on a WOMANS PULL. It was fun to hangout and get to know some of the girls better in the branch through the preparation stages and the actual pull.
So first things first... WE HAD TO SEW OUR OUTFITS!! Ummm... well... I learned you have to have a LOT of PATIENCE when sewing and you MUST always have an EXPERT on hand to FIX your mistakes. HAHA! THANKS TRUDY!! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Trudy... NEXT TIME!! :)
Breba was a BIG help as well... since she's so into sewing right now! :)
I will say that I WILL NEVER SEW A BONNET EVER AGAIN!! That was so HARD!! Although, I did love how my entire outfit turned out... I wanted it to look like one of Millie's dresses from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"... but it didn't. Oh well... maybe next time I will get the right shirt and make my skirt poof out like hers did.
Here's the starting of our trek... Ashley and Shannon embrace in loving sisterhood in efforts to show the girls really what shoulder to shoulder means...
Breba... of course! Does this seem WRONG to anyone? She let the girls pull her
20 miles
before she got off that thing!!

I LOVE the way my DOUBLE CHIN looks with the bonnet on. It really HIGHLIGHTS that feature.See!! I can pull too! that was actually really FUN!
Here we are to take our break and play get to know you games. We had a lot of FUN doing the orange roll. Don't these girls look so cute in the pioneer outfits!
Wendy, Kaitlyn (AKA Cook KK) and Megan
Getting the fire ready for our dinner, smores and devotional. Good job Kara. I think Bishop (AKA my dad), Lauren and Bernie really did a great job helping! :)Kaitlyn, I HAD to put this picture in... it looks like you're eating your hand! hahaha!! It really does make me giggle!
Mom and Dad getting ready for the devotional.
Breba trying to help my mom with a head light... haha! so funny!! Mom and Dad... You did an AWESOME job with the devotional! kudos to you!!
Campfire FUN!!

So right after the devotional and prayer it started raining... haha!! Now just so you know we're in the front yard of my house... haha! We couldn't leave and go out of town because of circumstances... so what would you do if it was raining? Would you A) sleep in a tent B) sleep on the floor in the house or C) sleep in your WARM comfortable bed. Well I chose (A)... haha! No I didn't I chose (C)!! I actually tried really hard to talk myself into sleeping in a tent outside with Kaitlyn... but when it came time to go to bed at 2am... it was raining HARD outside... I chose my comfy WARM bed that I had all to myself. HAHA!! Please FORGIVE me Kaitlyn for being so rude and not coming outside to sleep! :) I think it's better for everyone that I stayed inside! :)

Well, if anyone wants to go on a trek let me know... we can order roomservice next time! :)