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I've grown up in Phoenix and have LOVED it!! I have 3 beautiful sisters and 8 wonderful nieces and nephews!! They light up my life!! I have wonderful parents who still continue to help me grow every day. I really could not ask for better parents. Right now I take care of my wonderful grandmother who has dementia. We have so much fun together. And I'm grateful that I can spend this time with her!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sara Bareilles

Went to the Sara Bareilles concert and man she's a great singer! If only she could shape up and STOP using the F word!! Urrrrrr!!! That drives me NUTS!! Plus, I saw KIDS in the audience... come on... YOU DON'T NEED TO USE FOWL LANGUAGE TO BE "COOL"!!!!!  Other than the whole potty mouth thing... the concert was great! Oh and one more thing... women that want to go to concerts over the age of 25, PLEASE act your age! A "lady" having a mid-life crisis, I swear, was drunk (before the concert even began) and wanted to be my best friend. She kept dropping her alcohol all over me and my friends. I finally left! Because if I didn't I was going to brawl with this older woman. And since she was intoxicated and really couldn't defend herself.... I thought it best to enjoy the concert in the back where it was nice and cool and drunkard free. :)  Watch Sara's new song on YouTube, it's awesome!! Here are a few pictures from the concert with my friends!

Oh and get ready!! I have a LOT of things to tell you and show you about Spain!! Can't wait... hehe!!


Tara said...

I hate it when singers ruin a concert with cussing. It's so lame. Glad the music was good though. I love her!

Waddie said...

Hahahaaaa. Oh Krista! I LOVE YOU! You make me laugh. I went to the Elton John concert last week and this woman, after only TWO beers, was all kinds of being my best friend. It was absolutely hilarious. I was like, "Come on. We're at Elton John."

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

What a shame to see such ugly words come out of such a beautiful woman with an amazing voice! So not necessary! But glad you guys had fun! I love her music!!!

Cheryl said...

You should have just beat the lady up... I guess that you could get in trouble using your kay-ra-tay... did you ever register your hands as legal weapons? I guess it's good that you just walked away.